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Meet The Staff Pages On Car Dealer Websites – Are They Worth It?

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One of the things I enjoy doing is analyzing what car dealers are doing on their website, and whether or not its worth their time and effort. In this case, I will be discussing the “meet the staff pages” on car dealer websites.

Dealer e Process has created a “Dealer Grade” to help car dealers stay on top of their website by grading them daily on various aspects of their website. These things include specials by department, vehicles with pictures, video usage, staff page completion, etc etc. A sample portion of the Dealer Grade  can be seen in the screen shot below. 

dealer e process dealer grade

I received a call from an internet manager who was hot over the fact that his “meet the staff page” was graded a “0″ and it was making him look bad to the GM. He went on to tell me that it was “bullsh*t” that his measure of success even included this rating.”

If you haven’t met me before, you will come to know that most things I implement at Dealer e Process have a purpose. My investigation into this dealer’s feelings was a real eye opener and  I plan on talking about to every dealer who is willing to listen. Originally, the main reason for having a “meet the staff page” was for customers to read employee biographies, listen to personal staff videos,  or simply visit the page to remember the name of the person they have done business with in the past.

Last week I was getting ready for a monthly dealer review, and I noticed a massive increase in “general inquiry” leads on this particular dealers website. I looked at his “Dealer Grade” and noticed that the staff page grade was “100%”, which means that the profiles for every employee were 100% complete and for EVERY department. In order to get “100%” for staff on the “Dealer Grader”, the dealer would have to have employees in EVERY department, pictures or videos for EVERY employee, biographies filled out for EVERY employee and a SEND A MESSAGE (email  contact – hidden of course) completed. See the screen shot below.

Meet The Staff Page

Because the dealer had included all of his staff members on the website, including a direct way for customers to message employees, this dealer generated 122 “Email Message To Staff” inquiries! Even though these were direct messages to employee email addresses, ALL messages are also stored in the dashboard for dealers to review at any time. – See screen shot below.

Send Message Screenshot

Messages sent directly to the employees reveal several trends which illustrate why your dealership should be doing this today.

  • Sales people who have had previous relationships with customers were able to be contacted via the website desktop or mobile without having to call.
  • Customers were looking for features on vehicles that the dealership did not have in its current inventory. (could the dealer locate the vehicle)
  • Customers were able to leave very detailed information about their situation, whether it involved trade in information or just a general question.
  • Customers were looking for specific lease and incentive information.
  • Unhappy customers were willing to give dealer’s a chance to make it right before blasting the dealers reputation.
  • Employees were exposed for not treating customers to the dealership’s standards whether it was sales or service.

Here’s The Tip: If you are looking to increase opportunities while providing direct customer service for your customers, add a direct message feature to your staff pages and watch the leads soar! Make sure the email address is hidden to protect against spam.

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