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Maximize Your Chat Leads with a Customized Chat and Texting Platform

By June 5, 2019June 6th, 2019No Comments
Best chat tool for car dealerships

Can we all agree that offering chat/texting services on your website provides value to both your dealership, in the form of a lead, and to your customer, by a means to get their specific questions answered? Yes? Great!

A report by ICMI found that website visitors that engage with your company via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t. “Of those who prefer live chat, 79% said they did so because they get their questions answered quickly, 51% did so because they could multi-task, and 46% agreed it was the most efficient communication method (Source: Econsultancy).” With all of the advances in technology, chat has evolved and your customers’ expectations have as well. Let’s look at the chat options that Dealer eProcess offers and discover which one fits your dealership best.

Autobot Chat:

Autobot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is a reliable and consistent way to provide customers with answers.  Autobot chat uses a flow of if /then statements. A customer looking to schedule a test drive starts a chat and selects the “sales” option. Then, Autobot asks for the customer’s name, if they are interested in a new or used vehicle, model, price range, and asks even what color. Based on those few basic questions, the customer is served up vehicle inventory based on their specification and they can even go to the next step and schedule a test drive. Lastly, the lead information with the entire chat transcript is added to the dealership’s CRM.

Autobot Hybrid Chat With Texting:

The same features as the Autobot with the option for the dealer or a 24×7 chat service to take over the chat. Hybrid versions are great when a dealer has a centralized BDC or specific individuals who are knowledgeable and have the time to respond. Remember, your customers are most likely expecting an immediate response. Make them wait too long and your prospect that was raising their hand for information from your dealership may look elsewhere. For the dealerships that do not have staff at the dealership to manage these chats, 24×7 services is an excellent option to support the customer’s need while converting the chat into a sales or service lead for the dealership.

Dealer Managed Chat/ 24×7 Chat and Hybrid Chat:

If a customer is on a dealership’s website on their mobile phone and chooses to chat, that stays within the website chat window on their phone. If they’re on a mobile phone and select to text from the website, they’ll be prompted to enter a mobile number and question. When submitted, the customer will get an automatic text acknowledging the receipt of the inquiry and the conversation now is taking place on their phone where text messaging resides – and it stays there.  Make sure to take the time to immediately provide your contact detail to the customer, if they happen to get interrupted, they (as you do too) have the means to get back in touch.


Chat isn’t going anywhere and is a great way to connect with Millennial shoppers. By 2020 their projected annual spending will be about $1.4 trillion (Source: Accenture). These aren’t numbers to ignore! Millennials are the largest and fastest-growing segment of customers, and they are the heaviest users; “Millennials are 20% more likely than baby boomers to prefer live chat, citing convenience and limited hold time as their top reasons for using live chat (Source: Software Advice).”  If you don’t have chat on your website or aren’t satisfied with the number of leads it brings in, contact us at 877-551-2555 or sales@dealereprocess.com.