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Market Competitor Reports

By May 24, 2018June 6th, 2018No Comments
title image: Market Competitor Reports

Being ahead of the trends and aware of what’s selling in your area can be a challenge. Here at Dealer eProcess, we’re making it easy with our Market Competitor Reports! Providing current and past-year information in a simple format, these reports can be used numerous different ways: 

Understanding the Market Better

With our New Vehicle Registration Report, we can uncover sales trends and understand your market better. This report takes a look at all the vehicles registered in a particular DMA based on make and dealership. By taking a look at Top Selling Makes in you DMS, for example, it’s easy to see how a particular OEM is selling in your area compared to year-to-date numbers and YOY changes. Knowing where your make ranks on this list can then help guide marketing and SEO strategies.

Tracking Against Local Competitors

Oftentimes a dealer doesn’t just want to rank in terms of make, but also against other dealerships in their area, which is why our reports also provide a ranking of top performing dealers in your DMA, and how each is trending year-over-year. This list can provide insight into how your dealership is performing in relation to others in your DMA, which is an important dynamic to understand when creating long-term digital marketing strategies and goals.

Seasonality Trends

It’s no secret that weather and certain holidays can be a factor when it comes to car sales, but what if you could track a whole year in one view? Well with Dealer eProcess, we make that easy! Our Year-Over-Year Trend Analysis allows us to put years worth of data into an easy to understand format; allowing us to easily understand any seasonality and other trends that have traditionally impacted your sales volume. This is ideal for planning ahead and seeing where a particular event or ad campaign performed well.

Staying Ahead of the Game

With all of this Dealer Level data, we also need to be conscious of what the OEMs are doing on their end to drive ongoing interests in their products. With our New Model Policy Report, we can stay ahead of the game when creating ads, custom content, and other SEO strategies. The Model Policy Report gives us a timeline of all OEM model changes and updates over the 10-20 years, which gives us a roadmap for creating a long-term marketing strategy to “piggyback” off of OEM activities. This puts you in a position to be #1 in your market for all new model updates and changes with your brand(s) in your market(s).

Budget Allocation 

At the end of the day, budget allocation is essential. The more accurate information we have about what models are popular for a specific area, which months are better for sales compared to others, and which dealerships provide the most competition, it’s easier to make the most of money spent!

Learn more about our new Market Competitor Reports by contacting our DEP Digital Marketing Specialists!


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