There are hundreds of online directories and consistency across all of them is necessary to build authority with search engines which ultimately leads to better rankings. However, monitoring and managing all directories out there to ensure business information (such as name, phone, address, hours, etc. to describe the business) remain consistent and accurate can be difficult and time consuming.

Local Listing Management powered by Dealer Watch from Dealer eProcess is the solution by keeping your online business listings up-to-date and available wherever and however your customers are searching for you.

Clean and Consistent Listing Data leads to Better Rankings

Better Rankings lead to more Clicks to Call and Directions

More Clicks lead to more Store Traffic

More Store Traffic leads to More Revenue

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What We Do:

  • Claim: Listings that require verification (such as Google and Facebook) to ensure business information is accurate and being actively managed are claimed.
  • Distribute: Information about your business is pushed to over 40 direct major search engines and 100’s more through aggregators including GPS and navigation sites.
  • Remove Duplicates: Listings identified as duplicate for Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook are merged/removed (rather than just suppressing them) so they never come back.
  • Update: Changes to business information or special circumstances that occur (such as holiday hours) are reflected across the board to maintain authority with search engines.
  • Protect: Business Listings can change every 6 Days from outside feeds (Government records, web crawling and even customer suggestions). Ongoing submissions guard against these outside forces contaminating your listings to keep them consistent.
  • Report: Measure improvement in rankings, searches, views, calls and driving
    directions from key sites.

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