Lease Payment Button And Dynamic Lease Pages

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Guaranteed More Conversions & Valuable Leads

Paid Ads on Google or Bing may advertise lease specials or offers, but once clicked, it’s nearly impossible to find any information on a current lease. Not only can it be impossible to locate, but more times than not, the shopper is led to an expired offer. Unlike our competitors, our ads will only display the most relevant information and we make it easy for the shopper to get all the information they need.

With our new Get Lease Payment Button and our latest Dynamic Lease Offer Pages, we make it easier for prospective shoppers to locate your rebates and offers and increase the likelihood of selling more cars.

Get Lease Payment Button

What Is It?

Now available on the new RESS 3.0 sites, the Get Lease Payment Button displays on the vehicle’s SRP and VDP and allows the shopper to contact the dealer for payment details.

After clicking the Get Lease Payment button, the shopper is brought to a contact form and answers a few standard questions.

Once submitted, a Thank You box will appear and the shopper will have two options to choose from, resulting in more lead possibilities.


By placing the button on the SRP and VDP, it makes it easier for the shopper to locate lease information, which results in higher website conversions.

Dynamic Lease & Offer Pages

What Are They?

They are dynamically generated ads that run on either Google or Bing and displays the dealer’s manufacturer incentives, resulting in the most accurate information at all times. Once the ads are clicked on, the shopper is brought to the dealers main manufacturer incentives page. From there, they can find the lease price, finance offer, and vehicle inventory.

How Does It Work?

Our ad platform effortlessly syncs up to your dealership’s inventory and grabs the most current manufacturer incentives, which are then displayed on the Google or Bing network as Paid Ads. If a lease special or offer is not available for a certain vehicle, an ad will not be generated. By syncing to the manufacturers rebates feed, this eliminates any expired rebates from showing.


Our dealers have already seen an increase in leads, a decrease in bounce rates, and an overall decrease in their costs per lead.

You want to make the information they need more accessible, and the dynamic lease/offer ads have everything they’re looking for on one page. We make it easy for the shopper to get that information while spending only minutes on the site.

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