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Leads Increase 75% With Dealer eProcess’ All-In-One Website Solution

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When discussing dealership websites, there are many key performance indicators that people like to talk about, such as bounce rate, time on site, and site speed – just to name a few. Ultimately, however, both dealerships and vendors would agree that the most important metric to determine a dealership’s website performance is the conversion rate (number of leads/unique visitors). At the end of the day, dealerships want conversions (leads), as conversions provide opportunities for dealership personnel to engage with the customer, get them in store, and sell them a vehicle.

Dealer eProcess websites are built to convert. From the easy-to-use homepage featuring Site Search and Mega-Menu navigation, to the very functional Search Results Page with ALL vehicle photos, to the robust Vehicle Details Page with relevant vehicle information (i.e.: awards/accolades, green scores, crash test ratings, brochures etc.), the user has everything they need right on the dealership website. They don’t need to leave the dealer site to go to a third party or Tier 1 website for information on the vehicle. Rather, they remain on the dealership website and convert there. Pair that with the several calls to actions (i.e.: Value My Trade, Get Pre-Approved, Get ePrice, etc.) that are on several parts of the website and dealers reap the benefits of high conversion.

Take this case study as an example – an import dealer in Des Moines, Iowa.  Before switching to Dealer eProcess, they used FusionZone as their website provider and in the two months leading up to the change they received 122 leads in one month, followed by 256 leads in the next month.  Immediately following the transition to Dealer eProcess, the lead count was 336 leads in month one and 328 leads in month two. While FusionZone doesn’t make it easy to see number of unique visitors and therefore calculate conversion rate, with Dealer eProcess this dealership has had an average conversion rate of 3.4% in their first month, and 4.7% in their second month.  This substantially outperforms the industry average of a conversion rate of less than 2%1

Finally, Dealer eProcess has the advantage of being an all-in-one solution.  This means that once we get customers to the website (with our SEO and/or SEM strategies), we convert them with the standard call to actions on the site, as well as our in-house conversion tools of eAutoAppraise trade-in, eCreditApp soft pull, and hybrid chat.


What is my car worth?” is a top question of car shoppers, so it is best to answer it by providing an estimated range on the dealership’s website.  For the same dealer mentioned in the case study above who uses eAutoAppraise trade in, it was the number one lead source for those two months (148 trade in leads in the first month and 147 trade in leads in the second month). Customers also want to know their buying power without having to input sensitive data such as social security number or date of birth, so eCreditApp is a fantastic supplement to the long finance application. Plus, hybrid chat allows customers to engage with the dealers 24/7, 365.  Dealer eProcess tracks leads by device, as well as by source.

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