Kia Best Practice: Selling Cars under $10,000

By December 23, 2015April 24th, 2020No Comments
Kia Under 10K tab preview

David Stanley Kia includes a tab right in the main menu bar for vehicles under $10,000, making it easy for any shopper to find those vehicles from anywhere.

Kia Under $10000 tab image

When the shopper explores pre-owned inventory, a link to the vehicles under $10,000 appears there as well. Using the Mega Menu, the link is able to be spelled out in a way that would not make sense for the main menu bar.

Kia SRP image 2

Either link takes the shopper directly to the Search Results Page, pre-sorted for vehicles under $10,000.

Kia SRP image 3

The choice of vehicles can be further refined, and the shopper can see and compare all vehicle photos without leaving the SRP. Shoppers can also read the entire vehicle description from the SRP. This produces far more leads from the Search Results Page, allowing for more calls to action, which also exist here. For those stores looking to carry an assortment of used vehicles under $10,000, there is no substitute for making the vehicles and the details easy to find.

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