Kia Dealer News: A Name Change for Kia Sedona?

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Kia Sedona

Edmunds.com recently released the results of car sales in the towns or cities cars are named for (i.e. Chevy Malibu sales in Malibu, CA). The press release states from January to August of 2015 not a single new Kia Sedona was registered in Sedona, AZ; however 13% of new vehicles registered in Cedar Grove, WV were Kia Sedonas. Although published tongue in cheek, this kind of research says more about the potential abuses of research than it does the appropriateness of the vehicle’s name.

Cedar Grove, WV has a population of 973. The median household income in 2013 was $34,083, significantly lower than the state of West Virginia or the nation. It is safe to say the vast majority of the residents in Cedar Grove will never buy a new vehicle of any kind during their entire lives. If eight people in Cedar Grove bought new cars during this eight-month period and one of those was a Kia Sedona that would be 12.5%, which rounds to 13%. There may or may not be another Kia Sedona sold in Cedar Grove for the next decade.

Sedona, AZ commands a higher than average median household income and attracts an unusually high number of older residents. The Median resident age is 58 years old. These people have money; the median house or condo value is $380,887. What Sedona lacks are children and Kia dealers. The nearest Kia dealership is nearly an hour away in Flagstaff, AZ. In the unlikely event Kia would ever add a distribution point in this city of 10,111 people, it probably would not have much need to stock minivans.

The Sedona area is beautiful, and instantly delivers an incredible calming element to most people traveling through the region. The Sedona’s luxury seating is just one reason it was named for “Highest Ranked Vehicle Appeal among Minivans” by J.D. Powers. Sedona is exactly the kind of feeling thousands of minivan owners crave and deserve. That’s what the vehicle delivers, and that’s what product names are all about.

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