Is Live Chat Dead?

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Is live chat dead

As we inch closer to the end of the 2019 selling season for car dealerships, you tend to start assessing your website. What were my major lead drivers? Where did we miss some opportunity? We’ve shown you this past year that our Digital Retailing Tool SARA, our very own eCredit App, and even our Trade-in Tool have consistently been driving leads throughout the year for our dealers, but since texting and mobile traffic growing by the month, is live chat dying?

This was a question that was coming up frequently and I thought that there is nothing better than real data to answer the question. I went ahead and decided to take a look at two different types of dealers – one with high traffic volume and one with a lower traffic volume in a more rural area. What I was able to find should help dealers answer this question going into 2020.

First Dealer:

  • Lower traffic volume dealer in a rural area.

I pulled data from October 2018 to October 2019, so a full years’ worth. First thing I wanted to check was to make sure this dealer had steady traffic throughout the year, nothing too major from one month to another. It allows you to compare easier when the traffic remains consistent.

What I found next was very eye opening! Pulling the chat leads per month you will notice they have actually increased from October 2018 by 20 leads going into October 2019! The dealer was able to climb in leads as the year went on. Even though mobile traffic is up, the dealer was still receiving a great amount of leads from live chat.

Second Dealer:

  • High traffic volume dealer in populated city

This example uses the same date range as the dealership above. You will immediately notice this dealer has remained just as consistent, if not better than the starting point of 173 chat leads in October 2018. Some months they saw all the way up to 235 leads in March of 2019, a 62 lead increase! This dealer was able to kick the trend and knock it out of the park on their live chat leads.

In conclusion, even though mobile traffic is increasing rapidly, which is by default allowing the “Text Us” tool to climb in relevancy, having a live chat tool on your site is a MUST HAVE! I can say confidently that the rule of thumb still stands to this day: “Implementing live chat on your website increases leads up to 25% immediately”. I’ll leave you all with this – these numbers could be because our live chat tool is that awesome but in hind-sight, live chat is not dead! It’s still a very strong lead-generating tool.

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