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Dealer eProcess Charges Toward Internet Battle Plan XI In Atlantic City This December

By September 20, 2012 March 28th, 2017 No Comments

Dealer eProcess is proud to be a sponsor of Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan XI seminar in Atlantic City, New Jersey running December 11-12 2012. Dealer eProcess’ own Dave Page will deliver a speech titled Exploding Website Conversion: An Insiders Road Map to Benchmarking & Converting 50% of Website Visitors to Leads. Dave will join the long list of established industry veterans like Paul Potratz, Myril Shaw, Ed Parksinson, and Jim Ziegler. Dealer eProcess continues to make waves at industry events nationwide and the Internet Battle Plan XI seminar is no different.

In the seminars, dealers will have the chance to learn from genuine automotive website award winners like Dave and other automotive industry digital vendors.  Dealers will have the chance to bring home strategies for High Profit BDC, Fixed Ops, SEO, Social Media, and everything in between.  Dealers that attend Internet Battle Plan XI will leave with the tools to create a top performing auto dealer website and will have the car dealer marketing tools to take things to the next level.  On top of that dealers will learn how to perform their current tasks at peak efficiency.  Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan XI has one simple motto, “Grow or Die” and everyone involved wants the dealers in attendance to avoid the latter.

Dealers in attendance will have an opportunity to, over this 2 day period, create a detailed battle plan for increasing profits and maximizing efficiency. Dealer eProcess and the other companies involved want to create a real world strategy that someone can take back and implement at a dealership.  Check out more about Internet Battle Plan XI at

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Dealer e Process is focused on innovative websites and integrated online tools that engage consumers and producers.  They are committed to creating more opportunity and conversion for auto dealers than any website provider in the industry.  Check them out at and on Twitter at @Dealereprocess.