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Increase Credit Inquiries Through Your Dealer Website By 300%

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Statistics show over 75% of Americans have a credit blemish that may adversely affect their ability to get an auto loan. This has caused an increase in the number of consumers turning to online credit applications to get prescreened prior to visiting a new car dealership and starting the shopping process.

The typical online credit application on a new car dealer’s website is overwhelming and cumbersome, causing most consumers to leave the site and search for a user friendly alternative. Take a look at an example below and ask yourself this question, would you spend the time to fill this out?

9.5 out of 10 customers who visit a page like this WILL NOT take action. Do yourself a favor and take out the analytics on your dealer website and take a look at how many people visited this page last month, and then take a look at how many leads were generated. Pretty sad isn’t it?? To throw a little salt in your wounds, try and find the credit application on your mobile website and let me  know who in their right frame of mind would ever fill that out?

Customers are looking for engagement!

Here’s The Tip: In order increase leads for finance, you have to remove the default credit application from your website and insert an engaging tool to convert: The Virtual Credit Consultant.

Dealer e Process Virtual Credit Consultant


Virtual Credit Consultant, powered by Transunion, provides consumers with a simple and easy to use application to get pre-approved for financing for a vehicle.

Virtual Credit Consultant does not ask for a social security number and utilizes the “soft pull” method, meaning the credit check will not show up on the consumer’s credit report. These two factors alone will increase the number of credit applications a dealership receives.

The Virtual Credit Consultant program walks potential buyers through three simple steps of getting financed with instant pre-approval and no embarrassment involved. Fully customizable and 100% mobile adaptive, Virtual Credit Consultant automatically reads a consumer’s device and adapts to it specifically for optimal performance.

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