#TipTuesday: How Well is Your Inventory Represented on Your Website?

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How well is your inventory represented?

If the photos on your inventory feed don’t have the clarity of this 2017 Porsche 911 image and take up 90% of the customer’s screen view, you should consider new inventory representation.

Why is inventory representation important?

Your inventory is the heart and soul of a car dealership, directly affecting lead counts, sales, service, and above all, profits. Inventory is the #1 reason visitors come to a dealer website and with almost 100% of shoppers visiting the virtual showroom and in most cases up to 70% of the shoppers using a mobile device. So, how well is your inventory represented? If it isn’t represented like the Porsche 911 above, it should be. Inventory representation needs to be taken as seriously as a car dealership’s legal counsel.

Dealer eProcess takes inventory representation very seriously by making it easy to find, view, and choose vehicles with various conversion tools. Starting with Dynamic Inventory SEO, dealer inventory is tagged to multiple towns surrounding the dealership location. Additional Custom Content creation helps their inventory get found and chosen. Meanwhile, Dealer eProcess Digital Marketing services provide additional entry points using Google, Facebook, and many other platforms to make dealer inventory available to shoppers. Dealer eProcess also offers inventory software through DEPi, making it easier than ever for dealers to improve speed-to-market rates and ensure inventory is represented like our Porsche 911 example.

Can all website providers offer the same inventory representation as Dealer eProcess?

In one word – no. Dealer eProcess was born from a dealership after dissatisfaction with online representation, especially regarding inventory. The homegrown Dealer eProcess platform offers the largest and clearest photos available on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The ability to scroll through the photos on mobile devices makes it extremely accessible for shoppers to convert into buyers.  The amount of information supplied on the SRP’s (Search Results Page) and VDP’s (Vehicle Details Page), including hot spots, awards, crash tests, green scores and more, keeps shoppers from leaving the dealer website to research the car.


Inventory is king when it comes to car dealership websites and representation of dealer’s inventory is more important than ever. If you are not currently on the newest version of the Dealer eProcess platform, contact us to schedule a demo and let us represent your inventory with the value it deserves.

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