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How Many Credit Applications Did You Get Last Month?

By June 18, 2013April 24th, 2020No Comments

The Virtual Credit Consultant will guarantee you better results!

 Did you know 35% of all website traffic comes from a mobile or tablet device?

The Virtual Credit Consultant delivers a specific version of their product to satisfy the needs of every consumer. The VCC pre-qualification software is the first in the market to be 100% mobile adaptive and can be utilized on all auto dealer websites regardless of its vendor.

“Because of the tremendous lift in leads with credit scores over 700 using the Virtual Credit Consultant, we built a new website from Dealer e Process, with a full-fledged retargeting campaign to take this to a whole new level.”

­-Chris Ofkey of BMW of Schererville.

The Virtual Credit Consultant is a dealer’s dream, it does NOT require a consumer’s social security number and it does only a soft credit pull.

Virtual Credit Consultant by Dealer e Process

Call 866-854-2258 to Learn More.

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