How Does Your Structured Data Measure Up?

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Structured Data

Dealer eProcess uses the latest strategies and technologies to be an industry leader in every aspect possible, including structured data.  Structured Data, often referred to as “Schema Markup” is one of the most valuable SEO techniques available to search engine marketers. 

Created by major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex), Schema Markup is a consistent way to add context to website content for the search engines to better comprehend what a web page is about. When the search engine better understands the content, it can better serve results to users and display it in a useful way with rich or featured snippets which influence click through rates.

That being said, it remains at the search engine’s discretion how or when to use the structured data. Each search engine uses its own algorithm to try to determine the searchers’ intent relative to the query entered along with the context in which it’s entered to determine the utilization of the structured data a particular page is marked up with. However, we can tell you, if pages are not marked up with structured data the chances of achieving rich or featured results significantly lessen.

Since launching in 2011, the framework for Schema markup has been continuously evolving which means more products, industries and communities are able to add or amend their structured data to stay current. At Dealer eProcess we recognize the frequency of innovation and make it a top priority to remain at the forefront. Our Schema Markup is continuously updated for all websites on the Dealer eProcess platform to give our clients the best opportunity to outperform their competitors. 

Strcutured Data test for Rich Results

Google provides free online tools for website owners to test their sites!

By simply entering a URL within either of the tools and running these tests, you will not only learn more about where your website but also find that DEP consistently outpaces and out performs the competition.

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