Homepage Banner Personalization

By July 6, 2018February 4th, 2019No Comments

Did you know that our homepage banners can create a personalized customer experience? Using intuitive technology, our Dealer eProcess banner ads dynamically change based on the vehicles they have been looking at on your site! Keep reading to learn more.

With help from iSpy data, our system is able to track which vehicles a customer is interested in based on their click path. It then transfers that information and applies it to a site’s current banner ads, so that when the customer returns to the homepage, they’ll immediately be drawn to a relevant banner. This is highly valuable since many dealers end up having banners that go unnoticed depending on how much time each customer actually spends on the homepage. No need to take a chance with the help of our unique homepage banner personalization!

How does it work? As long as the customer is not using a private browsing mode, they’ll be activating cookies as they travel across your dealership site. Thanks to seamless access to that data, when a customer goes back to the homepage or re-visits the site, the banner they see will match the vehicles they viewed in order from the most recent to oldest. This both engages the customer with relevant information and makes the most of the banners that dealer is utilizing.

Our team of dedicated professionals is available to walk you through every one of our award-winning tools and website features, so contact us today!


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