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Home Page Pop Ups on Car Dealer Websites

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The great thing about doing business with a lot of car dealers is the fact that I am exposed to great ideas, off the wall hair-brain ideas as well as a ton of data. Recently, there has been some debate about whether home page pop-ups work, or whether they are annoying and aggravate customers.

In order to determine whether or not home page pop-ups work, I decided to analyze 1000 dealer websites that currently use them on the Dealer e Process website platform. There are two things that I wanted to find out after analyzing this data.

  1. How many leads does this generate versus other forms on the website.
  2. What are the dealers doing wrong that aren’t generating leads off home page pop-ups.

After analyzing all the data, I have some very interesting news to share with you.

  • The home page pop-up was the 3rd HIGHEST lead generating form on all websites (#1 Get ePrice, #2 Click To Confirm Availability)

That being said, I also noticed that some dealer websites had significantly higher lead generation than others, so I needed to do additional research to find out why. After completing this research, I found a major factor that ties into why these dealers were successful. Shown below are the home page pop-up images that generated the most leads. Let’s see if you can tell what they ALL have in common!

Home Page Pop Ups 1

Home page pop ups 2

Hopefully, the answer is obvious to you! THESE ADS ALL INVOLVE GIVING (or appear to give) AWAY MONEY! The ads that DID NOT generate leads were the ones that were generic and did not have a call to action (Chevy truck month, tent sale, specific model offer, 0% interest).

In addition to having an ad that appears to give away money, there are a couple additional things to consider on a home page pop-up for it to be successful.

  •  Make sure the offer has a landing page with the ability to accept contact information.
  • Make sure the customer can close the offer – AND BE ABLE TO RECALL IT!
  • If the customer closes the ad at anytime, make sure the window does not reappear every time they come back to the website or upon clicking new pages on the same visit (this is why home page pop-ups are annoying).
  • If your dealership is running a Pay Per Click Campaign, make sure this is part of the strategy for retargeting customers back to the landing page created.

 Here’s The Tip: Not all home page pops ups are created equal! If you are looking to increase leads conversion on your website, be prepared to have an offer that involves a financial incentive!

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