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Hireology: Selling Beyond the Curb

By March 29, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments
Hireology: Selling Beyond the Curb

The automotive sales process rarely starts within the physical dealership. Somewhere out beyond the curb, shoppers are in the sales process right now. Bob is looking at a video walkaround on your website from his office. Sally is on the phone with a member of your sales team to verify the vehicle she saw online is still available. Fred cannot be caught talking on the phone about a car when he is supposed to be working, so he’s in a chat conversation with your team about the towing capacity of a truck. Jane is afraid of dealers, and uses email to negotiate with your store and another.

None of these shoppers are engaged with advertising; they seek out information during a sales process they define. They are all interacting with your sales team, or content your sales team created. Every day, selling takes place outside your store, beyond the curb. To maximize the number of shoppers ultimately taking delivery at the store, you need the technology and the right people.

In many cases, the best technology is that which makes shopping easy for your customers and selling easy for your sales team. The video needs to be easy to load onto the website. The website needs to provide click-to-call buttons for sales, service, and parts, not just one number to someone who transfers the call to another number. The chat software needs to be easy to use, and ideally shows the salesperson every vehicle the shopper looked at on the website within the software itself. Technology may be hard for those who produce it, but it must be easy for those who use it.

The people involved need different skill sets and attitudes than what was commonly found in salespeople years ago. In the days when the entire sales process took place within the dealership, some people simply were not cut out to be salespeople. Turnover was high. With the sales process taking place on both sides of the curb, the selection process can be even more difficult, and the hiring process must be even more refined.

Within the store, managers can see when a deal is in trouble and sometimes have a chance to intervene or turn the deal to someone else. That is less the case beyond the curb. There is more to lose from trial and error processes followed by high employee turnover. Getting the hiring right the first time is a huge competitive advantage.

Talk to Dealer eProcess and find out how affordable it is to have the most advanced and easy-to-use website and communications software, (877) 551-2555. Talk to Hireology about advanced systems to help dealers make the right hiring decisions for maximum sales and reduced turnover. Selling on both sides of the curb doesn’t just happen, but it sure increases profitability when it’s done right.

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