Hireology: Don’t Confuse Distribution and Advertising

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Hireology: Don't Confuse Distribution and Advertising preview

In the early years of automotive internet, nearly everyone looked at the internet as a new advertising medium. The general comparisons were to television, radio, and newspaper. Over the years, savvy marketers came to distinguish between digital advertising and online assets, like the dealer’s website, which function more as an extension of the store. The internet has changed the way dealerships send their message out to the general public and market segments (advertising), but it has done much more to change the store operations (distribution). Automotive retail generally delivers the vehicle at the physical store, but allows the vast majority of shoppers to begin the sales process online.

Automotive retail will never look like McDonalds, where the delivery takes place at the store, but virtually everyone who decides to eat at McDonalds does so before they get to the store. Dealership sales teams will never simply be cashiers within the store. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of most sales teams to communicate with shoppers long before they come to the store. Phone, email, chat, and texting are all communication tools used in selling and play no role in advertising. The best video walk arounds and staff descriptions are generally not sent out in a broadcast email, a post, or a tweet. Shoppers view them when they seek them. Often, the video is customized for the individual shopper.

Successful distribution today relies a bit less on the physical store, and much more on the people within the store and the technology they use to communicate with shoppers. Employing the right people has never been more important, and giving them powerful, easy-to-use technology is vital.

Hireology helps hundreds of stores find the right people with the right skill sets and mind sets. Dealer eProcess uses advanced technology to make chatting and texting with shoppers more effective for the sales team, and finding the right vehicle easier to do on the dealer’s website. Both companies deliver competitive advantages not found anywhere else.

Talk to Dealer eProcess and find out how affordable it is to have the most advanced and easy-to-use website and communications software, (877) 551-2555. Talk to Hireology about advanced systems to help dealers make the right hiring decisions for maximum sales and reduced turnover. Great distribution doesn’t just happen, but it sure increases profitability when it’s done right.

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