Have You Created Your Google My Business Short Name Yet?

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Google my Business for Car Dealers

Google My Business (GMB) has slowly been rolling out new features and one of them is Short Names.

What is a Google My Business Short Name?  

In essence, a Short Name is simply a custom name associated with your Google My Business profile.  Google created Short Names to be used as a marketing tool to drive people to a Google My Business page or Google Maps for more detailed information about their business. Before GMB Short Names, there was no way to accomplish this. It seems that Google created Short Names to give customers an easier way to find and learn about your business while also providing a specific URL ( that directly links customers your GMB listing (which previously there was no way to do).

For example, the Short Name URL can be placed in a social media post to send customers to your Google My Business listing or to your physical location on Google Maps. It is speculated that you’ll also be able to solicit reviews through the use of the Short Name, however many of the details will take time to be disclosed as the full program rolls out, so stay tuned!

Where Do I Start?Google My Business Short Name

The first thing to do is choose a Short Name and reserve it as soon as possible to guarantee you get your preferred name before it is taken by someone else. To do this, log into your Google My Business location page and click on the ‘info’ tab within the left-side panel. From there you will notice the ‘Short Name’ input field located below the ‘Phone Number’ field and it will look like @Add profile short name.

Short Name Tips :

  • Include your business name and location (such as city or neighborhood)
  • Choose a short name that is easy to remember
  • No spaces or punctuation are permitted 
  • *Short Names can be changed up to 3 times per year

          Example: ‘BobsUsedCarsTulsa’ 


Stay Tuned for More Updates

As mentioned previously, this update is not fully rolled out, so the Short Name field in your Google My Business management page may not yet exist for your area. Therefore, if you login and do not see the field available, we recommend checking your GMB management page weekly to see if the field has propagated and if so, add your Short Name!

With this program continuing to develop and progress, we will send out updates so you can utilize your Short Name at its full potential and be as digitally up-to-date as possible.

If you have any additional questions about how to optimize or create a Short Name, contact our SEO experts here at Dealer eProcess!

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