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Google’s Mobile First Indexing Change

By December 5, 2016 January 9th, 2017 No Comments

Google recently announced the launch of a new search engine update that will make the advantage of Dealer eProcess’s RESS platform more evident than ever. With Google’s Mobile First Indexing Change, results will now be taken from searches beyond desktop computers. Since an increasing number of people use their smartphone or tablet to search for information, especially when it comes to finding locations, Google has decided to use this data to rank websites.

So, what does this mean for dealers? For those who take advantage of the RESS mobile-friendly platform, this new indexing addition will create a different way to add to search result leads. Since Google will combine mobile indexing with the desktop searches, our customers have a chance to get ahead of the competition.

There are, however, several disadvantages that this new change will bring for those whoresponsive still have a separate Since mobile sites with separate URLs tend to have less content compared to their desktop sites, this difference will now be noticed by Google’s search crawls. This could result in lower ranking and traffic to both versions of the site. Keywords will also take a hit, as some essential keywords may only be linked to the desktop pages.

Always looking to provide the best advertising options for our dealers, Dealer eProcess is prepared for Google’s mobile first indexing. By using our RESS site option, customers will not only find a website that promotes the dealership with clean graphics and relevant information, but also one that appears high on the list in search results. Since many customers search to find a particular vehicle or dealership on their smartphone, gaining these numbers, in addition to desktop searches, is a valuable asset for marketing and advertising.

At Dealer eProcess, we have a talented team of SEO and web design engineers who are ready to make the switch for your website! Don’t lose search engine rankings as Google’s Mobile First Indexing Change becomes active. Instead, enjoy the benefits of a site that is successful with modern changes.

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