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Google Starting to Penalize Intrusive Pop-Ups

By September 26, 2016 January 9th, 2017 No Comments


In January of 2017, Google will begin to eliminate intrusive interstitials on websites in order to streamline the searching process, especially on mobile phones where these pop-ups interfere most with webpage viewing. Google claims that this kind of ad can affect mobile devices, as these screens are often smaller, and pop-ups therefore do not properly adjust to the more compact display. As a result, sites with these pop-ups will be ranked lower in Google’s search engine, since their content does not smoothly adjust to multiple display sizes.

There are tnopopupshree types of pop-ups that make content more difficult to access that will be affected by this new penalization. A pop-up that immediately appears when the user enters the site, or while he or she is browsing through the pages, is considered problematic by Google. Also, interstitials that stand alone before the user is able to access the intended webpage, and ones that move content below it, are going to be reprimanded. Ads that won’t be affected include those that are a response to a legal obligation which include cookie usage, login dialogs and private content, and banners that feature a reasonable amount of screen space.

As technology moves forward, a mobile-friendly dealer site is no longer a benefit, but a necessity if your dealership wants to get ahead when it comes to search results. In a recent SimilarWeb report, 56 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so websites must make the required changes in order to appease their screen sizes. Google’s goal is to make a user’s search as efficient as possible, which is why it will be cracking down on pop-ups that don’t meet these standards.

Here at Dealer eProcess, we are committed to keeping up with current SEO and Google’s adjustments so dealers’ sites stay up-to-date. As a  Google Premier Partner, Dealer eProcess is aware of these SEO adjustments before procedures are put into action  With our easy-to-navigate responsive sites, users will be able to view dealers’ websites on any kind of device, no matter if it’s a phone, tablet, or laptop. In order to abide by Google’s new standards and avoid penalty, our sites will now make sure all text is readable, content is easy to scroll through and refrains from using links that are too close together, the buttons are large, and local searches are optimized. As a result, dealers’ sites will still have plenty of web traffic without getting penalized.

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