Google My Business Messaging Update

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Google my business

With customers looking for instant gratification in all areas of online interaction, dealers want to make sure they are providing avenues for fast, easy communication. If you’ve been utilizing Google My Business (GMB) Messaging as one of these options, there is an important update you need to know about!

The Importance of Google My Business Messaging

There are many reasons that Google My Business Messaging is a great resource, especially as mobile usage is continuing to rise and Google is still the top search engine for local queries. If you aren’t using GMB Messaging for your dealership, now is the time to get started. Make sure that your local customers have a way to ask you questions such as – Are you open now? How can I schedule service? Do you have used vehicles? Many customers would prefer not to have to make a call and speak with someone. Instead, they want to communicate via a text or chat and get an immediate response. If your dealership isn’t there to answer, you could be losing easy opportunities to the guys next door who are.

In short, GMB Messaging allows consumers to communicate swiftly with the owner of the GMB page or specific employees of the dealership. You could think of it as having a chat service for your business directly within the Google Search Results on mobile. Utilizing this feature is yet another way to simplify the user experience and provide potential customers the information they are looking for quickly.

Google My Business Messaging Update

So what are the changes? Google My Business has officially completed the migration for their messaging format from an SMS (text message) to their app. This means that you will no longer receive an SMS message on your phone when a customer sends a message through your GMB page. Instead, you will view and respond to customers through the messaging section of the GMB app. Messages sent and received are free and you’ll also have a streamlined way to view past conversations. If you’re worried about missing a message, notifications through the app ensure you can still provide the quick answers that your customers expect.

Google My Business Mobile Messaging
Receive Customer Messages directly from your Google My Business Page

How Do I Use the New Messaging Function?

For those of you have already installed messaging in the Google My Business App, great! If not, you will need to download the latest version of the Google My Business App and turn on messaging. Once that has been completed you will be able to receive notifications for incoming messages and respond to them through the app interface.

turn on mobile messaging with google my business app

Step-by-Step Setup (Note: if you do not already have the Google My Business App on your mobile device you can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store


On your mobile device, open the Google My Business App


Login with your Google Account


If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage


Tap the ‘Customers’ tab and select ‘Messages’


Click ‘Turn on Messaging’

By using the messaging app you’ll also be able to enjoy helpful features like customizing an automated welcome message, checking the average response time, turning messaging functions on or off, and blocking conversations. If you share ownership or managing access, each person can still message customers so make sure everyone has the app installed and the messaging function activated!

Here at Dealer eProcess we want to keep you in the know about all the latest Google My Business features and updates. If you need assistance setting up or managing your dealership’s GMB, contact us today! 

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