Google My Business Distance Based Service Areas Going Bye-Bye

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Google my Business for automotive

Google My Business (GMB) page owners can no longer set their service area as a distance around their business. Google realizes the ability to include distance may have been utilized improperly by some GMB page owners which becomes a user experience concern when searching for local businesses. To crack down on this, Google has disabled the option for businesses to add distance-based service areas to their GMB page. 

If a business is currently showing a specific distance within a Google My Business account (rather than city or postal code) the listing owner should receive a notification encouraging them to update the service area but it has been stated that any which are not updated by the owner will be automatically updated by Google. To be safe, we suggest logging into your Google My Business account and checking what is currently listed as your service area. If your listing does show a specific radius (such as ‘within 500 miles) click the edit icon to replace with the cities or postal codes you choose or Google will choose for you. 

For more information on editing your service area, visit

To View/Edit Service Areas, login to your GMB account and navigate to the ‘Info’ tab
If your listing shows a distance rather than specific cities or postal codes, click the edit icon to update
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