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mobile scorecard

Report cards are not just for school anymore. Google has released its new Mobile Scorecard, which ranks websites based on page speed from a mobile device. This should come as no surprise since Google has been promoting an emphasis on mobile speed for several years. They have also announced a new tool for translating those page speed grades into estimated dollar amounts.

How Does it Work?

The Mobile Scorecard pulls data from Chrome User Experience to provide both a time for how quickly the site loaded and a ranking number. The ranking is based on Google’s benchmarking data, which is a recommended site loading time of under 5 seconds for all networks and within 3 seconds for 4G connections.

Crucial Features

This data is now more accurate than ever since it finally allows you to select both a country and network speed. Before, all Google speed tests relied on an algorithm that was based on a simulated 3G network. Although roughly 70% of the world is still using 3G, most people in the U.S. are on a 4G network, which results in faster load times. With the options to select a region and network, the data can be specified for where a dealer’s customers are actually located.

Google also paired the Mobile Scorecard up with a feature they are calling the Impact Calculator. With data relative to the style of the website, this feature seems to be a reboot for the short-lived Estimated Visitor Loss feature.

The Benefits

With more precise data and a clean layout, Google’s new Mobile Scorecard adds greater authority to the importance of loading times and levels out the playing field. Being able to see how a site is doing on its own and in comparison to the competition in each specific area is a crucial benefit for dealers and marketing managers alike.

You can find the Mobile Scorecard here.

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