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Google Knowledge Graph Update: Customer Reviews

By September 23, 2016April 24th, 2020No Comments


In 2012, Google changed the face of online research with the introduction of its Knowledge Graph. The tool, located at the top and right-hand side of the Google search results page, is designed with the idea in mind that search queries represent real-world people, places, and things. It allows users to explore the subjects they are researching in a more in-depth way, by predicting and providing comprehensive information on the search topic and beyond.

The tool has become invaluable for car dealers, as it curates detailed information and displays it right at a searcher’s fingertips. Everything from hours and directions, photos, social media profiles, popular visit times, and more can be seen on the Knowledge Graph – all by simply searching for a dealer.

screenshot_3Now, however, Google has taken the information offered in the Knowledge Graph a step further for businesses – by including aggregate third-party reviews from the web alongside the commonly-researched topics. For dealerships, this could mean displaying reviews from everything from Edmunds to, with Facebook and DealerRater appearing the most often.screenshot_4Considering the fact that dealership name is the number-one search term which drives traffic to dealer websites, and most shoppers research local dealerships before contacting or visiting a dealer, the importance of this addition to the Knowledge Graph cannot be overstated. Online visibility is vital to the success of both your dealership’s website and in-store sales, so it is now more important than ever to stay on top of customer reviews.

An easy way to do this? Dealer Watch, the powerful tool from Dealer eProcess. With Dealer Watch, you’ll have full access to customer reviews from around the web – all on one easy-to-use, innovative platform. Real-time monitoring and responding is available for over a dozen third-party social media outlets and review sites, giving you unparalleled transparency and control over your dealership’s online presence.

What’s more, Dealer Watch provides an inside look at the reviews of up to five of your dealership’s top competitors, allowing you to compare your online reviews and better understand where your dealership stands. You’ll also have the ability to easily aggregate and implement your customer reviews on your dealership’s website, with the customizable option of displaying 3-star reviews and above. Plus, with monthly summary reports and automatic email alerts for new reviews, you’ll stay in-the-know and up-to-date on how your dealership is performing.

The changes to the Google Knowledge Graph have placed significant impact, influence, and visibility on customer reviews. To stay on top of your dealership’s online presence and to learn more about the pioneering Dealer Watch tool, contact Dealer eProcess today!


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