GMB Local Favorite Badge – Don’t be a Loser

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There will be winners and losers when it comes to the Local Favorite Badge

Even if you weren’t a Boy or a Girl Scout, chances are you will be motivated by a badge of honor – especially if it bears a distinction that marks your dealership as a “favorite”. While this does not seem to be officially rolled out, rumor has it that Google will be identifying to customers if a business is a ‘Local Favorite’ by displaying a badge on their Google My Business (GMB) listing which would be awarded to the top 5% of businesses in a specific category.  

At this time not much has been disclosed as to specific qualifications for getting into the top 5% and receiving this special badge (and we aren’t getting our hopes up that there will ever be such documentation as Google typically keeps specifics tight lipped!). However, because a key purpose for Google My Business is to help customers find and engage with businesses, one could assume that owners who actively participate in maintaining their online identity through their GMB listing might have an advantage in being recognized. 

There will be winners and losers when it comes to the Local Favorite Badge. Unfortunately this is not an honor you will be able to award yourself but you can start (or continue) taking steps toward keeping your GMB listing updated with accurate, current, and fresh content.

So now the question to ask yourself is: Am I an active participant? 

The first thing to do to answer this is to login to your GMB account and see what might be missing. Google is very helpful with letting you know how you can improve by pointing out directly on the GMB home screen what you are not utilizing but could be and even suggestions to optimize your GMB listing. Our recommendation: if Google is giving you advice on how to improve your listing, take it! Putting their suggestions into action now could pay off when the local favorite badges start popping up. 

In addition to keeping the basic information within your listing up-to-date, you should also make it a priority to respond to Reviews (the good and bad), Post about Products and Offers and Answer the Questions being asked.

Google My Business has been rolling out enhancements quite frequently lately, so logging into your account on a regular basis is the best way to ensure you are utilizing everything they have to offer!

Check the GMB Home Screen for Google’s suggestions and recommendations!
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