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GM iMR Program alignment: What are you waiting for?

By May 16, 2019February 27th, 2020No Comments
GMiMR Program Alignment

As of March 31st GM dealers are required to have signed on with one of the 14 approved Digital Dealer Solution partners for the new iMR program. However, we’ve found that many dealers are still using the old program. If that’s you, now is the time to upgrade!

The good news is that the new GM Dealer Digital Solution approach is MUCH better! The original iMR program was out of date and lacking the ability to get reimbursed for ads on many of today’s advertising channels. The new program has corrected that issue! In real world terms, if you are still on an original iMR enrollment (you have not re-enrolled since November 2018) odds are that your money can be much better spent.

Part of staying ahead of the competition and keeping your costs down is taking advantage of targeted clicks. The old program focused on channels that have gotten very expensive due to the amount of competition.

Contact us today to hear about what Dealer eProcess has to offer in the newly-aligned iMR program. It costs nothing to hear what is now available with our innovative platform. We will show you how our platform can drive more high-quality traffic to your site at a lower Cost Per Click average and even track visitors all the way to a sale. This allows us to know which channels and campaigns are driving the highest sales conversion and ultimately focus on what matters to you most — selling Cars and Trucks!