Get More of the Best Leads

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Spinning your wheels with low probability leads?  Why?

Dealers are constantly bombarded with opportunities for leads, leads, and more leads.  Quantity is better, right?  Wrong!  What you want is more of the right leads.  The penalty for flooding your BDC with low probability leads from third-party providers and less targeted sources is that your staff will get discouraged.  The best way to have an engaged BDC staff is to provide a steady flow of leads that have a high chance of contact.  An engaged BDC staff means $$$$$!

So…what are the “right” leads?  Website leads!  Website leads have the best closing percentage, by far!  The next question is how to get more of them. Dealers spend barrels of money on marketing every month to get visitors on their websites, but don’t always pay close attention to how the site is converting those visitors to leads.  Conversion tools are a huge help, but this is another area where dealers can spend tons of money and not necessarily get a good return on investment.

The answer to all of this is to find a website/marketing platform that allows the dealer to follow site visits all the way to a sale.  Google Analytics can help with some of this via event tracking, but you also want a platform that is connected to the DMS, so you can figure out what ad spend is actually resulting in sales.  With that information in mind, you can now tailor the spend in ad dollars and in website conversion tools toward those that sell cars and eliminate the spend where it isn’t providing a good ROI.

If this kind of transparent data doesn’t sound like what your website or ad platform provides, then please ask for more info! Here at Dealer eProcess, we want to help you get more of the best leads. Schedule a demo with us today!

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