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There are a lot of claims being made not only in the automotive industry, but nationwide about the conformance of websites when it comes to ADA laws. With recent rulings on outstanding ADA lawsuits, the buzz has been louder than ever. Protecting your dealership should be at the top of your list, but maybe you’ve been led to believe that your dealership’s website is already ADA accessible and compliant with these laws.

We’ve built our website platform from the ground up, meaning we’re in the driver’s seat, with every. single. website. launching ADA accessible.

Dealer eProcess is committed to accessibility and inclusion for all of our dealers’ websites, which is why we are offering a FREE ADA WEBSITE SCAN AND CONSULTATION for any automotive website, just fill out the form and we will get started!

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New Year, New ADA Accessibility Package

2020 will undoubtedly represent a continuation of lawsuits regarding website accessibility.  Unfortunately, dealers are deep-pocketed targets for these lawsuits.  What should dealers have to offer the best level of protection against getting sued over ADA issues? A multi-level approach makes great sense: Edit the sites source code so it works…
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Frightful Feature Day 2 – ADA Website Accessibility

There has been significant buzz about what really qualifies as an ADA accessible website, here at Dealer eProcess, we stand behind our ADA Accessible platform.  With add-on ADA packages including monthly website scans, quarterly website audits, an on-site tool, AND an entire team dedicated to keeping your website ADA accessible,…
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What does ADA mean to Auto Dealers?

The Background Accessibility for individuals with disabilities is nothing new – it’s why you’ll see ramps for raised entrances to buildings and braille on public bathroom signs. This is due to the ruling of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which ensures equal access to individuals who have a condition…
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