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Feature Update: Leads and Click Path Integration with Custom Content

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Dealers who stay up-to-date on SEO certainly understand the value of custom content. Topic-rich, personalized landing pages not only drive traffic, but allow your website to stand out from the competition and stay on top of the SEO game. At Dealer eProcess, top-of-the-line content engineering services deliver on these goals without question – but now, with full custom content lead reporting and Click Path data integration, the industry’s most advanced website platform just got even better.

DEP sets itself apart by offering full transparency and innovative reporting, and our leadsindustry-leading dealer Dashboard is built to serve you – and your dealership’s specific needs. With one login, your dealership team has access to lead reporting from Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, form submissions throughout your website, third-party tools, and more, all on easy-to-read graphs, tables, and lists. Details on specific lead categories during specific timeframes are just a click away, and what’s more, color-coded Click Path data is available for every lead.

But now, Dealer eProcess has taken this reporting and transparency a step further – by providing in-depth information for leads related to custom content. When logged into the Dashboard, your dealership team can find and filter custom content leads in seconds, thanks to a color-coded “Custom Content” button. From there, you’ll be able to view all lead data in a given timeframe, including Click Path data – giving you an inside look at your customers’ activity on your website. This new functionality is invaluable, as it identifies exactly where, why, and when custom content leads are submitted on your site, and can help you target your customers in never-before-seen ways.click-path1

Even better, customers utilizing the first-of-its-kind CaROI platform can now view that information alongside the filtered Click Path data. CaROI, which analyzes your digital marketing in order to determine which channels are most profitable for your dealership, is the first system that can match actual marketing leads to vehicle sales. This means PPC campaigns, organic traffic, and more can link up to lead data – including custom content leads – and help you and your team truly understand what helps your dealership sell more cars.

click-path3Custom content targets your online audience, drives leads and sales, and can be a vital addition to your website. When combined with the industry-first CaROI platform and cutting-edge lead reporting software from Dealer eProcess, you’ll have unmatched control of both the experience and the power of your dealership’s website. Learn more by contacting us today!

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