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Feature Update: Advertised Lease Offers

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Advertised Lease Offers

Grabbing the attention of customers is easier than ever with our advertised lease offers addition. Here at Dealer eProcess, we know that lease offers are a main feature that customers are looking for. Keep reading to find out more about this update and how it can attract a wider range of shoppers.

In the past, manufactured advertised offers on a dealership site were limited to ‘For Sale.’ This left out a large group of offers and potential leads related to leasing. AIS has started sending lease rebate data that stays on a dealer’s site and can help avoid a customer switching over the manufacturer site.

Now, advertised lease offers can be seen right on the SRP and VDP, as well as on the Incentives and Specials Offers page. Additionally, they can be added to custom content pages using the dynamic incentives widget. Also, using the Price Manager, it can be included as part of the new vehicle pricing structure.

By connecting a dealer’s inventory to relevant OEM lease offers and AIS rebates, the specials displayed are both accurate and timely. Each vehicle is associated with a group, depending on trim level, model, or other features. Whichever lease offers match up with that vehicle’s group will appear on all applicable pages. This means that customers can quickly see what kind of lease offers are available for the specific make and model they are interested in.

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Advertised Lease

This unique feature is just one of the many aspects that make DEP sites a standout partner for dealership websites. Our team is committed to constantly creating innovative new products, as well as researching ways to improve current ones. With numerous options to choose from, having a site that reaches a specific audience and targets competitors is possible.

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