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Expanding SEO: Google’s New Guidelines for Title Tags & Page Descriptions

By May 27, 2016 January 9th, 2017 No Comments

Search engine optimization is always on the forefront of your mind when it comes to digital marketing, and keeping up with new trends can keep your dealership ahead of the game. Google’s new guidelines for title tags and page descriptions has extended the length of title tags and page descriptions on its search results page. Dealer eProcess is here to make sure that your dealership stays on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

With Google’s new format, the lengths of titles of search results have been increased to 70-71 characters – is up from 50-60 characters before the change – which allows for an extra 2-4 words in your title. For mobile users, the title length increases even further to 78 characters, allowing you to add an extra word or two in the title. Search descriptions have been increased by around 16-20 characters per line, pushing its total up to 100 characters per line for a two- to three-line snippet. This is due to an increased width of the main column of the search results page, which could potentially move results further up on the page; however, descriptions which are under 100 characters have been placed on just a single line, therefore potentially reducing your result’s footprint on the page.

It’s important to keep in mind that these character counts are an approximation. The Search Results spacing is dependent upon the pixel space used for organic results. For instance, the old pixel space for search results was 500 pixels wide and has been increased to 600 pixels wide which allows for the increase in character numbers in the title tag and page description. The character count is also dependent on the characters used. Each character takes up a different amount of pixel space, so if your title tag or page description is rich with characters that take up a large amount of pixel space, you will not get as many characters in your title or description.

What does this mean for dealerships? Optimized for the mobile-first world, expanded title tags and page descriptions are designed to maximize your presence on a Google search results page. With nearly 40% greater copy, this format features extra room to highlight your products and services!

It is important to note that Google could change back to its prior setup at any time. For now, Google’s new guidelines for title tags and page descriptions offer an important opportunity to get your dealership noticed and increase traffic to your website.

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