Evaluating Your Trade-in Tool

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#TipTuesday feature image: Can Your Trade-in Tool Do This?

We urge dealers to take a look at their current trade-in tool to evaluate all it is doing for you. If your current tool is missing any of the six points below, it may be ready to make a switch:


  • How fast is your trade-in tool? When a potential customer is browsing your website they are looking for information and they want it fast. No one wants to spend 5 minutes filling out a long, drawn-out lead form — shoppers will most likely leave your site mid-form without completing it if this is the case. This is especially true on a mobile device since they are searching on a smaller screen. Each step needs to be quick and easy. The good news is that eAutoAppraise is able to provide a trade-in value in less than 10 seconds which saves the shopper time. It’s as simple as selecting the trade, entering contact information, and getting results.
  • You can’t give someone an accurate trade-in value if you don’t know all of the additional options that the vehicle has. eAutoAppraise provides a list of model-specific additional options that the customer can select to increase their trade-in value. Knowing if their trade has high-dollar option packages is also valuable information to you as the dealer. The last thing you want to do is accidentally give a customer too low of a trade-in value due to the unknown and then have them leave to purchase from your competitor who gave them an accurate value.
  • eAutoAppraise has the ability to not only give the customer a trade-in value quickly, but it also does a real-time soft credit pull, all without needing the customer’s SSN or DOB. Not only does this provide the customer with more information prior to coming into the store, but it also helps you at the dealership to understand their individual buying power before they set foot in the store.
  • Flexibility is at your fingertips since eAutoAppraise gives you the choice of using one of the top three trade value sets – KBB, BlackBook, and NADA guides. There’s no longer the need to use a third-party trade-in tool that takes the customer off of your site, never to return. In addition to providing accurate and fast trade-in values, this tool also takes it a step further, allowing dealers to manipulate trade values by make, model, and trim level to adjust with inventory supply and demands.
  • Giving a customer a trade-in value online before seeing the vehicle person can be tricky. Isn’t it funny how everyone’s trade-ins are in “excellent condition”? eAutoAppraise takes away the guesswork by allowing customers to upload both pictures and videos of their vehicle through the tool. If someone is extremely proud of their squeaky-clean trade that was garage-kept and doesn’t have a single scratch on it, let them show it off to you ahead of time. On the other end of the spectrum, if a trade has nicks/dings/dents/damage, wouldn’t it make your life much easier to be able to see that before the vehicle is physically in front of you?
  • A customer who is looking to trade in their current vehicle is going to need a replacement. eAutoAppraise integrates with your actual new and used inventory to allow the customer to select their replacement vehicle right away. We’re not just talking about a pull-down menu allowing them to pick a generic year/make/model. This tool shows your actual in-stock vehicles so the customer doesn’t have to wonder if that specific make or model is actually available or not. This helps you as the dealer understand exactly what the customer is looking for and gives you the ability to have the vehicle pulled up when the customer makes an appointment to come in.

If your current trade-in tool can’t provide all of the features above, it’s time to schedule a demo for our DEP’s solution powered by eAutoAppraise!

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