Generating High Quality, Tiered Credit Leads Has Never Been Easier Than With The eCreditApp

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Dealers looking to maximize their lead opportunities have an easy solution with our eCreditApp. Requiring minimal information from the customer and providing real-time bureau data, this tool is on the cutting edge when it comes to efficiency and financial data. We are excited to tell you more about what the eCreditApp can do!

Visual aesthetic is increasingly critical as more users turn to websites to start their shopping experience. To keep up with the modern look of other online retailers, our eCreditApp features a clean design that integrates seamlessly with the dealer’s website. Featuring easy-to-read text, a structured layout, and a coordinating color scheme, the app looks inviting to consumers. Additionally, the display is compliant with current OEM regulations so dealers don’t have to worry about Manufacturer Brand protection or getting marked for compliance disapproval.

Functionality is just as important as appearance. The eCreditApp guides the user step by step throughout the process, starting with a few basic pieces of personal information. Customers won’t need to worry about adding their Social Security Number or their Date of Birth, just their name, email address, phone number and home address. A unique element with our platform is the ability to save customer data and transfer it throughout the dealership site. This means that if a customer starts filling out the form and then moves to a different page or if they’ve already filled out another compatible lead form, their information will auto-populate when they return to the eCredit App. They can even use their social media log-in, such as Facebook, to save time. Another key piece of functionality is 100% responsive technology. Today’s customers use all kinds of devices to shop, including their smartphones and tablets. Our eCreditApp features the exact same functionality all screens and with any website provider platform.

There are several other enhancements that help the eCreditApp go above and beyond. Whereas many soft-pull credit tools simply provide general make and model selections, our innovative platform features Inventory Integration. This means that the customer will be able to select the exact vehicle of interest at the dealership while also showing real-time pricing details and features. That information, along with their credit details, auto loan data, and additional information gets sent straight to the dealer’s CRM. Speaking of which, we are integrated with the largest CRM and Equity Mining tools currently available.  Dealers also have the ability to customize questions such as “what is your current employment?” and “do you have a trade-in?” to help gather as much information as possible.

Once a customer has completed the simple 3-step process, the eCreditApp provides them with a firm offer of credit both on screen and via email. Meanwhile, the dealership is able to keep track of incoming leads and track sales metrics with our advanced reporting via the eCreditApp dashboard.

Schedule a demo today and learn more about how Dealer eProcess can elevate your credit leads with the eCreditApp!

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