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eAutoAppraise – The 10 Second Trade-In Tool

By May 28, 2019August 29th, 2019No Comments
10 Second Trade-In Tool

Shoppers today want instant gratification, especially when it comes to technology.  Gone are the dial-up days (thank goodness!) where it took up to 10 minutes to connect to the internet and never mind waiting to go from site to site.  In today’s go, go, go world, if a connection does not happen within a few seconds, our interest is lost. We see this happening everywhere, so why wouldn’t dealerships step up their game and offer new tools to create a quick and seamless experience for their customers?

eAutoAppraise has joined the instant gratification world where a car shopper can value their trade in just seconds.  With enabled technology such as Google-like predictive search functionality, which eliminates clicks and fields that need to be typed, eAutoAppraise does the time-intensive work for the shopper. This makes the time spent getting an appraisal shorter and less exhausting for the customer.

Along those same lines, gone are the days where shoppers are okay with spending an entire day at a dealership. Thanks to eAutoAppraise, in conjunction with Dealer eProcess’ digital retailing tool, SARA (Smart Automotive Retailing Assistant), they can value their trade, get a soft credit pull, customize their replacement vehicle, get an accurate payment with our decision engine technology, and even pick a sales person to work with, in minutes!  Now, the time in the dealership can be spent establishing a relationship, which can ensure future purchases for your dealership, and most importantly, getting them in their new vehicle as soon possible. Hence, making the sale.  Oh, and speaking of sale – not only are you garnering high quality, low funnel shoppers, but each sale will hold more gross and your profits will rise! AND if you have a Dealer eProcess website platform, you will also be able to track the actual profit from your leads in our amazing, robust dashboard!

But, you don’t have to take my word for it…….watch this video of an actual customer performing a trade valuation on DEP’s eAutoAppriase.

In addition, you can visit our demo site where you can put your shopper hat on and value your trade, use the digital retailing component to get a final payment, etc.

Call us at 877-551-2555 or email us at Sales@DealereProcess.com to set up a one-on-one demo to really understand what set’s DEP apart from the pack!

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