Is Your Inventory On Every Major Website?

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Give Your Customers What They Want

Dynamic retargeting has been a staple of ecommerce for years. If you go to Amazon and shop for new gym shoes, those exact shoes you were interested in will follow you around the internet everywhere you go. Some people might find that annoying or a little invasive, but there’s one big reason why all major retailers in the world market this way…BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Many people don’t realize this, but car dealerships today ARE ecommerce businesses (if you don’t believe me, read more about it here). So as an ecommerce business, wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of the same marketing tools that have made companies like Amazon, eBay, and Zappos the behemoths that they are? Of course it does. And now you can.

Your Inventory On All Major Websites

Display Network

Digital AMMP’s Dynamic VDP Retargeting allows you to follow customers around the largest network of websites with the exact pieces of your inventory that they’re most interested in. If a shopper leaves your site and goes to ESPN, CNN, New York Times, or any one of the millions of websites we have access to, they will be hit with images about the inventory that most interests them. This has proven to be the most cost-efficient way to keep customers coming back to your site and get them to fill out more leads. And the way it works is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

    • The Customer Views a VDP On Your Website


    • The Vehicle They Looked At Follows Them Around the Internet


  • The Customer Clicks The Image & Goes Right Back To The VDP
Dynamic VDP Remarketing

It Works!

The results of these campaigns speak for themselves. A recent case study showed that Dynamic VDP Remarketing was able to generate more clicks and more consumer engagement, at a lower overall cost, than traditional remarketing. Here’s a quick overview of the results:

  • 90.32% Increase in Click Through Rate
  • 30% Decrease in Average Cost Per Click
  • 10.1% Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • 9.14% Increase in Average Page Views

The bottom line is that this system is a no-brainer for dealers. So give us a call today to learn how you can take advantage of Dynamic VDP Remarketing now.

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