Look BIG to every shopper who visits your website. We will create and serve ads that will follow your prospects around the web’s most popular sites after they visit yours. We’ll display engaging messages based on their exact activity on your site.

Remarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread brand awareness amonst your target market and stay on the customer’s mind throughout every stage of the car buying process.

Give Your Customers What They Want

Have you ever been followed around online by that exact pair of gym shoes you looked at earlier in the day, week, or month?

Dynamic VDP Remarketing

A customer views a specific vehicle
on your website

Remarketing first image

That vehicle follows the customer around
on popular websites

Popular websites

Clicking the ad brings the customer
back to that vehicle!


It Works!

The results of these campaigns speak for themselves. A recent case study showed that Dynamic VDP Remarketing was able to generate more clicks and more consumer engagement, at a lower overall cost, than traditional remarketing. Here’s a quick overview of the results.

  • 90.32% Increase in Click Through Rate
  • 30% Decrease in Average Cost Per Click
  • 10.1% Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • 9.14% Increase in Average Page Views

The bottom line is that this system is a no-brainer for dealers. So give us a call today to learn how you can take advantage of Dynamic VDP Remarketing now.

Customer Match Remarketing

How many customer emails do you have stored in your DMS/CRM? 5,000? 10,000? 30,000? Did you know that there’s a way you can send those emails to Google and then advertise to those customers when they go online? Well you can, and it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to maintain constant contact with those customers.

Google’s new ad feature, Customer Match, lets you upload a list of email addresses that your customers have given you, and when they go to Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail, you can show them ads. There are a ton of ways for you to use this technology to increase the value of your current customer-base. For example:

  • If you have a list of customers who purchased from you a few months ago, put them in a list to send them ads about making their first service appointment
  • If you have a list of customers that leased from you a few years ago, start sending them messaging about your lease pull-ahead offers. The opportunities are literally endless.
  • If you have customers who bought a new truck, target them with ads about after-market upgrades from your parts department

Email-based marketing through Google will help you increase the value of your current customer-base, and do it in a way that’s inexpensive and highly effective. Give us a call today to find out about how you can take advantage of this great new marketing tool.

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