Don’t Ditch Bing – Rethink Bing Advertising For Your Dealership

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Big advertising for car dealerships

Have you ditched Bing?  You should give it a second look!

Paid search budgets have climbed steadily over the last decade.  It is more important than ever to fine tune your efforts.  Bing has some built-in advantages over Google that make it a good bet for most dealerships.  Read on as we make the case for Bing.

Bing is the default search engine on many devices, including Windows computers.  This gives them a group of users that will be hard for Google to conquer.  In the automotive sector, the biggest advantages that Bing has are:

  • Users are more educated.
  • Users are more affluent (37% with income over $100,000 per year)
  • Clicks on Bing are less expensive than Google, due to a lower level of competition.
  • Because Bing is the default search engine on many devices, there are many searches that Google won’t see (14 Million). Don’t lose out on this volume!
  • Video Ad Extensions give an enhanced user experience.
  • Video Ad Extension plays cost the same as a click to your site. This provides a lot of bang for the buck!

A good strategy would include as many lower cost Bing clicks as you can get, especially for high line brands.  Chances are that you will run out of available clicks before you spend your total budget.  At that point, by all means, go see Google and Facebook.

If your store sells most of its vehicles to special finance customers, and you like it that way, Bing may not be for you.  If it would be refreshing to have some 800 beacon customers in your store, then you want these clicks!  Understanding where the sweet spot is for the different ad platforms allows DEP to help you build the right ad mix.

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