DNI – Dynamic Number Insertion

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Here at Dealer eProcess, we are always looking for options to help dealers make the most of their digital marketing budget. One great way to do that is with our Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This tool uses industry-leading technology to connect search keywords to actual calls, so you know which keywords are generating the most calls and in return, we are able to allocate your spend to the campaigns that are generating the most leads!

How Does DNI Work?

DNI essentially matches actual phone calls at the dealership to specific keywords or click paths. So, for example, if a person searched for “oil change service”, clicked on our ad, and then made a call to talk about setting up an appointment for an oil change service, it would be recorded as a PPC lead with the keyword “oil change service.”

What are the Benefits of DNI?

With DNI, you can make sure that you are placing your advertising budget where it’s most effective. It allows you to see if where you are placing the majority of your keywords or ads is where you are getting the most calls. You may find out that you are spending a significant amount on Auto Trader, but it’s only bringing you a few phone calls each month. With our DNI system, you’ll quickly be able to notice this gap and move your funds accordingly.

Upcoming Features

We are currently in the process of rolling out our new email alert system. This feature will allow you, as the dealer, to set “trigger terms” or specific keywords and get a notification when they are mentioned in a call. Here again, you’ll be able to quickly keeps tabs on which keywords are the most popular for your dealership.

To learn more about DNI, contact our Digital Marketing experts here at Dealer eProcess today!

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