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DMSC Recap – What You Need To Know From DMSC

By June 15, 2018February 4th, 2019No Comments

Oh, you missed DMSC this year? No worries, we’ve summed up everything that you need to know. The DMSC (Digital Marketing Strategies Conference) hosted by PCG Companies was on June 4th and Dealer eProcess was excited to attend! 

DMSC brought together an elite group of professionals and combined the greatest minds in the automotive industry. Our very own Director of Digital Marketing, Megan Glick, and our Director of Sales, Gino Cipperoni, spoke about the tools and strategies dealers should use in order to dominate the digital realm and capture the market. They went outside of Google AdWords and focused on tools dealerships should use in addition to advertising on Google. Keep reading for the detailed recap of their presentation!

  • Additional Targeting Methods – You need data that really digs into your actual market, not overall OEM statistics. DEP offers a Cross-Sell Report which digs deeper than the average provider’s data. With monthly statistics on how a dealer’s competitors are performing in their DMA, their marketer can use this data to identify areas of opportunities, create strategies to overtake the competition, and forecast future budgeting.
  • Google Posts, Bing, and WAZE – Google search may be the #1 search engine, yet utilizing additional advertising outside of Google AdWords, like Google Posts, Bing, and WAZE, gives the dealers further opportunity to one-up the competition. Google Posts allow dealerships to advertise current promotions, national sales, model offers, specific dealership specials, and community events. There is no additional marketing cost either. Bing Ads may not be the #1 search engine, yet Bing reaches the Microsoft Audience Network which reaches hundreds of millions of unique monthly visitors across MSN,, the Edge browser, and Bing partner sites. WAZE, the largest navigation app in the world, offers dealerships several different cost-effective advertising methods to reach drivers on the go. WAZE can track exactly how many drivers navigated to your dealership at what cost, helping dealerships advertise smarter.
  • Correct Landing Page Content – Content is everything, but if your landing page does not match what’s in your ad copy, your customers will leave the site immediately or spend too long searching for the promotion or special that was promised in your Google Ad. DEP offers a simpler solution, with Dynamic Lease/Offer Pages, dealerships don’t ever have to worry about missing out on the opportunity to present a user with the best manufacturer incentives.
  • It’s All About The Leads – Leads make the dealership go-round and validate your dealerships marketing efforts in terms of whether it’s successful or not. But, if you’re not doing anything with this data, is it really helping you plan for the future? By integrating to the dealerships DMS, Dealer eProcess’s detailed Heatmapping and CARoi matches leads by source and campaigns to actual car sales. That way, you can actually validate your marketing and optimize accordingly.

To hear more about DMSC and the rest of our award-winning Digital Marketing solutions, contact Dealer eProcess!

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