Fill your funnel faster with Digital TV Advertising

Over 70 million homes watch television via digital streaming services (OTT). Watch the video below to find out how you can target the car buyers on these networks now!

What is Digital TV?

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Fill the Funnel Faster

Identify the in-market car buyers near you and use highly relevant video ads to drive more consumers into your sales funnel with strong brand messaging and high frequency.

Connect to Your Current Digital Campaigns

The benefit of OTT is that it can sync up with your current digital campaigns to create a consistent user experience across all channels that will effectively drive buyers down your sales funnel and into your showroom.

Reporting and Optimization

Digital TV campaigns are optimized just like any other digital campaign. Performance data streams in daily and adjustments are made on a consistent basis to ensure the highest possible ROI.

OTT funnel

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• DEP is an official Tier 3 Partner of Amazon Advertising

• Data-driven audiences based on ownership data and Amazon site traffic

• 85% of people buying a vehicle in the next 6 months are on Amazon

• 215 million monthly users provide insights to target audiences based on daily data

• Measureable results via Google Analytics, DEP Dashboard, and CARoi

Meet the Team


Tim Bowles

Tim Bowles

Video Strategy & Data Insights Executive

Jonathan Bernard

Jonathan Bernard

Digital TV Senior Sales Executive

Rebecca Sawyer

Rebecca Sawyer

Digital TV Account Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help getting the tv commercial together can DEP assist?

Yes, we have DEP where we can give you some starter ideas and develop them into a campaign for your store.

How long should my tv commercial be?

It can be 15 or 30 second commercial but DEP recommends a thirty second commercial since the advertising breaks are 90 seconds long and a 15 or 30 second commercial costs the same.

How long does it take to get started?

We invest the time necessary to understand your goals, once that is accomplished, we provide you with recommendations for targeting and for the creative.  Upon script approval and Digital TV Advertising schedule approval both a television commercial and the schedule can begin within 36 hours .

Where does the commercial play?

DEP places commercials only in full episodic content.  Think of your favorite sitcom, movie, news, sports, weather programs and channels, chances are they are being watched thru Digital TV Advertising by consumers who aren’t using cable or satellite today.

How is this different from online video like user generated content on YouTube?

Many people love those crazy cat videos.  We do too!  But that is different than running a professionally produced commercial for your dealership in programming on ESPN, HGTV, etc.

What should I spend?

Spend is dependent on how aggressive you want to get (i.e. how many campaigns you want to run, how many users you want to reach, how frequently you want to reach consumers, etc.). However, if you have a specific budget, we work with that to find the optimal balance for spend and targeting.

Does this run on all apps?

We run on all Digital TV Advertising connected apps that offer video ad inventory.

Get a personalized demo from a Digital TV Advertising Specialist