What Happens At Digital Dealer, Doesn’t Stay At Digital Dealer – DD27 Recap

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The Digital Dealer Conference 27 just wrapped up this past week at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas and from my perspective was a success on many levels! We had some amazing Keynote Speakers and Workshop Sessions (even one of DEP’s very own), as well as one product that had all the BUZZ, pushing every dealer to ask questions.

The three day event hosted around 75+ speakers that delivered valuable information for any department across the dealership!  A lot of the core focus points at these shows are surrounded around Marketing. With Digital Retailing being hotter than ever and OEM programs popping up monthly dealers are now getting a huge variety of content, all at the show! Even one of our very own at Dealer eProcess, Caroline Hollis, held a session to teach dealerships on “Digital Certified Programs & You: How to Get the Most Out of Your OEM Programs” and had a great turnout. Being able to understand how to get the most out of your OEMs is a very crucial part in the process today.

Digital Retailing was the talk of the show, as it should be! Dealer Principles, General Managers, Internet Directors, and many more were at our booth to learn more about our industry-leading Digital Retailing Tool S.A.R.A. This allowed us to show dealers firsthand about why and how important it is to provide their customers with a Vehicle Loan Match, Live Bank Data and so much more, all in one process. We know how crucial getting this information correct means to the consumer as well as the quality of the lead. Dealers gravitated towards are booth asking all the right questions!

As the final dice rolled on the Craps table and the last Blackjack hand was delivered we checked out of our hotels and closed out another Digital Dealer. We left dealers with amazing strategies to deliver out in the field, as well as met some amazing new friends and partners. Until next time Las Vegas! We will see you all at Digital Dealer 28 in Florida!

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