DEP logo, white Statistics graphic states 85% more clicks to the website using similar budget accent graphic with rows of multicolored dots statistics graphic stating: we show 59% more ads statistics graphic stating: $3.07 per ad clicked versus $2.10 with DEP text image shows: crushes the competition in digital marketing
text image: "Lower Cost Per Click, Spend Less Money, Get More Traffic", "113% more site sessions", "Dealer Pays 31% less with Google"
Years of experience in the digital marketing space have told us that a successful, data driven, marketing campaign should have some level of automation. This is the core philosophy that drove us to create the Digital AMMP Platform. At DEP we’ve taken this ideology even further with the introduction of the AMMP Optimization Suite, a unique blend of data and automation, designed to provide our internet marketing specialists with the tools they need to make programmatic decisions with your marketing data!
text graphic: Price Per Site Session, the "other" total is $2.84, while "DEP" is $1.99, yielding a 43% drop

Featured Script: Smart Bidding

Although it’s not the only measure of success, keyword bids are an important aspect of any Digital Marketing strategy. Our algorithms allow us to analyze keyword bids rapidly. With hundreds of keywords in account we’re able to effectively bid at scale. For our analysts this provides them with the Bid-telligence they need to lower your CPCs while still maintaining visibility on the SERP. Utilizing programmatic bidding has led to lower costs and better returns for client accounts.


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