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Dealer eProcess Launches Automotive Marketing Platform: Digital AMMP

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Downers Grove, Ill. (Feb 10, 2014) – Dealer eProcess is proud to announce the launch of its advanced marketing platform, Digital AMMP. Through Digital AMMP, dealers are paired with a Google-Certified Account Strategist and receive complete access to Dealer eProcess’ automotive marketing solutions, including:

SEM - Inventory-Based Ad Platform

Search Engine Marketing strategy starts with dynamic inventory based campaigns for both new and used cars.

SEM - Competitor and Location-Based Ad Campaigns

The next piece of the SEM strategy includes geographic conquest, name protection, competitor conquest, and more.


A cost-effective way to stay in front of customers after they visit your site.

Display Advertising

Get your brand message out to potential customers using topic, placement, and geographic targeting.

Mobile Advertising

Dealer eProcess optimizes all banner and text ads for mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Track which users access your website by clicking on a Dealer eProcess ad campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Dealer eProcess is one of the few agencies in the automotive industry to offer Wildfire by Google – interactive ads that have the ability to provide the dealer with qualified leads.


“We are excited for the launch and evolution of Digital AMMP, which I believe is the most thorough and transparent marketing platform in the auto industry today,” said Megan Glick, Digital Marketing Director.

Dealer eProcess’ search campaigns are designed to reach buyers in all different phases of the car-buying process; from the highest level, exploratory purchaser, to the customer who has chosen a specific vehicle and is ready to buy. Dealer eProcess uses this knowledge to determine what ads are the most appropriate to show the user at the time of their search, which allows for a more engaging ad that will generate better click-through rates.

The SEM strategy starts with dynamic inventory-based campaigns for both new and used cars. When Dealer eProcess’ system syncs up to a dealer’s new inventory feed, it is able to pull the makes and models in stock, rebates, and specials. The system then generates ads that reflect that information in the ad text. The system also gathers data from the dealer’s used inventory feed: year, make, model, color, and price of every used car on the lot. Based on what the customer searches, they will be taken to a Search Results Page (SRP) or Vehicle Details Page (VDP) of new and/or used vehicles.

SEM also factors in geographic conquest, name protection, competitor conquest, and more depending on the dealership’s requirements. Creating campaigns that target the dealer’s local area and market competitors has become common practice. With the flexibility Google offers with its location targeting, Dealer eProcess is able to customize their bidding strategy to fit each specific area the dealer chooses to target while adhering to manufacturer and Google policies.

Auto dealers can also run customizable remarketing campaigns to reiterate their unique selling proposition, or they can get brand messages out to potential customers through display advertising, which uses specific targeting methods based on the dealership’s needs. Digital AMMP also includes dynamic call tracking, so when users arrive on the dealer site from a Dealer eProcess ad campaign, the phone number will dynamically swap out to a PPC specific tracking number.

Since mobile searches are becoming more and more popular, Dealer eProcess’ optimizes mobile ads in addition to desktop and tablet. The top two Google ads on a search results page take up a majority of the mobile screen, so Dealer eProcess puts great importance on having the dealer’s ads placed in one of the top two spots. The dealer website will be brought to the customer on the go through mobile-specific text ads, banner ads, and more.

Social media marketing is another integral part of Digital AMMP and is powered by a Google product called Wildfire. Wildfire ads are interactive and have the ability to provide the dealer with qualified leads. Dealer eProcess targets Wildfire ads to users who are in the market for a new car of a certain make. Since the product is owned by Google, Dealer eProcess can sync the Wildfire application with the dealer’s Google Analytics page and track the effectiveness of each campaign running on any of the major social networks.

“This is an exciting time for our dealers as they use innovative marketing strategies to reach potential customers and generate a significantly higher amount of leads through Digital AMMP,” said Glick. “The combination of these marketing strategies will really propel the dealer’s online presence.”


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About Dealer eProcess:
Headquartered in Downers Grove, IL, just west of Chicago, Dealer eProcess builds innovative websites and integrated online marketing tools that engage consumers and producers. They are committed to creating more opportunity and conversion for auto dealers than any website provider in the industry. For more information on Dealer eProcess, call 877-551-2555. Start taking full advantage of Digital AMMP and have Dealer eProcess grade your PPC program for free!