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Design Spotlight: Toyota of Fort Walton Beach

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Always on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of the curve, Dealer eProcess has a range of innovative online marketing features available.Toyota of Fort Walton Beach recently launched their site with our responsive platform, allowing them to customize their content and bring more leads to their dealership.

As a Toyota certified website provider, DEP is able to create high-quality dealer sites with bright graphics and quick-loading pages. Additionally, the Responsive Server Side (RESS) platform allows potential customers to browse on a tablet or a smartphone with the same level of functionality as on a desktop computer. This is crucial, as many people do research while they are on the train, in a waiting room, or other places away from the traditional desktop setting. DEP takes things a step further by offering an advanced Vehicle Details Page (VDP) that combines the largest photo sizes in the industry with detailed content, as well as awards, brochures, and automated incentives, giving Toyota of Fort Walton Beach unprecedented competitive advantage.

Since switching over to the DEP platform, Toyota of Fort Walton Beach now has a homepage with multiple banners, high-resolution images, and an easy-to-navigate menu. Viewers will instantly be able to see relevant specials that highlight the dealership’s inventory and services. The layout is clean, the colors are crisp, and the information is relevant.

Be sure to reach out to Dealer eProcess if, like Toyota of Fort Walton Beach, you are interested in taking your website to the next level. With cutting-edge technology, an innovative website platform, and industry-leading content, you’ll have all the tools you need to boost your business. Contact us today!

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