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Design Spotlight September 2014 – Rockland Toyota

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Rockland Toyota preview

Rockland Toyota wanted to emanate innovation and uniqueness when creating a whole new website experience.

Modernity shines brightly at Rockland Toyota in New York. Amongst their most important design ideas, uniqueness truly rang as the ultimate goal.

Their incredibly chic layout exudes freshness in the automobile industry. By creating wide, page-spanning banners, we were able to form a revolutionary result. Few dealers have been bold enough to place their smart search bar in the center of the page—but Rockland Toyota quite literally rocks it! Their unparalleled design contains the most important facets of the website in one easy-to-view format. An eye-catching, yet enlightening scheme marries a contemporary mindset with classic information.

The apparent modernity is reflected throughout the website from the mega menu down to each individual page. By providing a unique user experience, Rockland Toyota has unequivocally busted down tradition’s door and propelled themselves into the next generation of dealership websites!

Rockland Toyota website