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Design Spotlight: Mazda of Fort Walton Beach

By December 6, 2017December 12th, 2017No Comments
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Creating websites that are engaging for the customer and beneficial for the dealer is part of our mission here at DEP. We are excited to showcase one of our latest designs with Mazda of Fort Walton Beach. Combining multimedia features with a sleek new grid layout, this site is ready for action!

The homepage is crucial element when it comes to attracting the customer’s attention, and it’s also where the Mazda of Fort Walton Beach site really shines. A large video comprises the left side of the screen, highlighting a specific Mazda model. This is significantly more engaging than just a static image and adds a strong sense of presence to the homepage. Meanwhile, the right side of the home page is broken into clean grids that guide the user to the dealer’s inventory, specials, service department, and more. The phone numbers and address for the dealership are also displayed here as well for quick reference.

Other elements worthy of talking about when it comes to the Mazda of Fort Walton Beach site include the ad grid that automatically flips through the dealer’s chosen banners. Located just below the video section mentioned previously, it ensure the customer stays engaged as they continue to scroll down the page. When they hover over each square section, the text is either highlighted in a contrasting color or the background color is changed for a modern feel. The menu options are also available at the top and at the bottom of the homepage, eliminating the need for a user to scroll all the way back to the top in order to access the SRP or the finance department page.

As part of the Mazda Certified Program, our sites, including Mazda of Fort Walton Beach, are fully compliant with OEM mandates. This includes the overall layout, image sizes, and font type. They are also responsive for mobile and tablet users, in addition to desktop.

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