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Design Spotlight: Herb Connolly

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Herb Connolly

With bold graphics, easy-to-read information, and a user-friendly navigation, Herb Connolly has a DEP website that is ready to attract attention. This re-design has several exciting features which can be utilized to increase traffic and enhance the customer’s experience!

Right away, the Herb Connolly homepage makes a strong statement with the Site Search bar and the Advanced Search options displayed against an eye-catching graphic. If a customer is looking for a particular vehicle, they can select it from the drop-down option directly on the homepage. Or, they can type in a phrase such as “New Acura MDX” or “Service Appointments.” This is an update from previous versions of the site which had these search options located at the top corner of the homepage or within another page. Now they are in clear view, which is both unique and visually appealing. It’s also crucial for mobile and tablet functionality.Mobile View Herb Connolly

Since is a group site, there is a need to organize and differentiate between several vehicle makes and locations. Just below the search option sections are four large logo graphics that direct to that specific site. If a customer knows they are interested in a new Hyundai or a Chevrolet, all they have to do is click on the logo. Again, no need to leave the homepage! Service specials are another quality lead source, which is why they also appear here, divided up by make.

The top banner of the site includes the traditional drop-down menu where customers can navigate and view inventory from all four sites, including used models, as well as service and parts options. If a customer is interested in visiting one of the dealerships, or just getting the answer to a question, the Contact Us form and map are available from the top banner and the bottom of the homepage.

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