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Search engine marketing even when speaking in terms of car dealerships involves keeping your content and vehicles fresh, using keywords that put you at the top of the first page and obtaining as many links to your site from other “relevant” websites as possible (auto sites).

Take Care Of The Search Engines, They Take Care Of You

1. Search engines really like updated and fresh content. Pay attention to which sites show on the first page of a Google search and you will notice that among the sites in keyword competition. Its usually the dealer sites with the most updated content that win out in the long run. I would strongly suggest you either write your own reviews in cars or articles about the dealership and upload your own graphics and photos or outsource the job to freelancers.

There are many freelance writers for reasonable rates. Ever think of looking to a local college? With one good writer or writing team, you can improve your dealers site’s rankings dramatically. Make sure the writer you choose understands auto dealership SEO so the writing contain the keywords that make sense.

2. Keyword strategies include going for those people who instead of searching for ‘used cars’ search for ‘used cars in Chicago’ and other more specific terms. We have performed this SEO service for Freedom Auto Depot in Chicago and they dominate the search engines on Google for “used cars Chicago” or “used cars in Chicago” etc.

Do not stuff your pages with keywords? The recommended density of keywords is between 2 and 3 percent of the text on your page. I find it increasingly funny to view dealer websites pages that have words stuffed all onto the home page which includes all the location around the dealerships as well as all the model vehicles the dealership sells.

Excessive keyword phrases are not only recognizable to search engines as ‘stuffing” they can ultimately affect the quality of the writing and the ranking of the dealers website. This is where LSI comes in. LSI involves using phrases that are synonymous with your original keyword phrase. Learn about LSI! Google it!

3. The more relevant sites that link to your page (auto dealer websites), the better your rankings will be. For example, if you sell new Chevy Cars in Chicago, try putting links about your dealership in an article that talks about the “new Chevy Traverse at Chicago Chevy Dealers”. This is one way of ‘piggy backing’ on the keywords used by other sites.

Write your own articles and car reviews or have a freelance writer write some for you. Submit them to article directories or other social networks and allow other sites to use them. It is a ‘take care of me and Ill take care of you” strategy and it works for both sides.

4. You can use your dealerships blog for more search engine marketing. Dont’t tell me you don’t have a dealer blog yet do you? If you update your blog daily and ping it with blog directories, you will see an increase in your dealership blog’s search engine rankings. Link to your dealers site from your blog. This is another means of piggy backing.

5. Monitor your dealers site traffic on at least a weekly basis. I strongly recommend you use a Google analytics tag because I am extremely skeptical about third party website companies providing the analytics. Note how much of your traffic is coming from pay per click search engine marketing and how much from natural search. After a couple of weeks of tracking, make small changes to optimize your site’s search engine rankings. Continue looking for ways to improve on your dealership site.

Gather all the information you can find on each of these strategies I mentioned above, and take it in. Its the wave of the future for auto dealerships so I suggest you start to learn it now. Search engine marketing, as with all other forms of marketing, is constantly changing. Stay up to date on everything there is to know about search engine marketing and you will see your sales increase considerably! The Game Is Changing, Are You? Let Dealer e Process do the work for you!