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Dealer Watch Introduces New Local Brand Visibility Scoring System

By March 8, 2019No Comments

Learn More About Dealer Watch’s New Scoring System!

Dealer Watch’s new updates are making staying connected with your dealership’s online presence straightforward and even easier to navigate. With our updated LBV (Local Brand Visibility) Scoring, you can truly analyze and strategize all aspects of your social media postings, reviews, listings and more. If you haven’t checked out Dealer Watch, now is the time!

Possessing a wealth of data at your fingertips is awesome, but it can seem a little daunting. A simple way to get a summary of how your social media, reviews, and general online presence is doing comes via the new LBV Scoring grade. If you’ve utilized Dealer Watch before, you may remember this as the LBV score within the ‘Snapshot’ tab. With the new updates, you’ll be able to get an enhanced view of the score and tailor it to best reflect your site and its needs.

The Overall Score is the main number you’ll want to focus on. It runs on a 100-point scale and combines reviews, social media, and listings. Your current Overall Score appears right away when you entering the scoring section of the database, so you can immediately keep an eye on the health of your accounts. On the side of that composite score, you can also see the score for each category (reviews, social, listing, search, competitors) and the percent change over the last 30 days.Appearing high on Google is on everyone’s priority list, so you’ll be glad to see that Ranking data is also now visible. See how many appearances your store has on Page 1 of Google Maps and the percentage of your stores before page 5 of Google Maps. Only have one location? Just want to view the score for a specific location? All you have to do is toggle through a simple dropdown menu.

Now that you know exactly how your Overall Score is determined, you can really start utilizing all of the data insights and ranking information that Dealer Watch provides! Get a step-by-step tutorial by contacting our team of SEO experts at Dealer eProcess today!


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